Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Back!

Alright, getting back into posting with a ceramics legend. Think Dale Chihuly kind of famous.
Jun Kaneko is known for enormous pieces (some are "dumpling shaped") with very interesting decoration.

The sculptures are dried for a year (apparently, didn't know that before reading that caption) and fired for about 3 months in a massive kiln (I think the room above may be the kiln. I'm not completely up to date on his process, but I had heard that he built his pieces in the same room he fires in.)

A "dango" finished. He has a background in illustration and you can really see it here.

Some big heads that he makes.

How can't you love that face?

Sorry one more time guys! I'll be back on top of the posts from now on!


  1. welcome back, and this guy is awesome

  2. That's incredible, i'd be really interested in seeing the process he undertakes to make one of those giant ones.

  3. Interesting! It's nice to see ceramic work on a larger scale.

  4. Wow that guy looks awesome, really cool sculptures!